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Bob and Linda 2006
Bob and Linda 2005

SuperClubs Breezes Puerto Plata Bob & Linda March 2006

Just returned from another wonderful two weeks of bliss at the Breezes Puerto Plata. This was our third time here in three years and we had a blast. We are a group of Canadian women aged 43-59.

Went smoothly, we took a cab from the airport to get ahead of the crowd on the bus so it was quick and painless. We had written ahead of time to request a certain building and our request was honoured.

When we arrived, we had a fruit plate and bottle of rum along with a welcome letter from the manager waiting for us. We were assigned room 10213 and it was clean with the air conditioning working on full blast. There was some peeling on the wall of the closet and a couple of water stains on the lining of the curtains but nothing to be concerned about. The water pressure was fine and the water was so hot that at times we had to turn it to almost cold so it wouldn=t scald us while we showered. The air conditioner did shut down on our last evening there and they fixed it temporarily and said they would return the next day. We checked out at 7:15 am so I have no idea if it was fixed or not. The maid service was good, I made a point of introducing myself to her on the first day and greeted her by name each morning when we left the room. We always had water and diet coke in our fridge and plenty of towels.

As always the service here was great. The staff are incredibly friendly and accommodating and will go out of their way to make your stay pleasant. We had no problems with service in the dinner buffet this year as we did last year. The bars seemed to be well staffed during busy times and after a while they get to know what you like. My friend and I prefer a certain rum that wasn=t on the shelf at the beach bar so one of the bar tenders went all over the resort until he came back with a bottle and every day after that it was available. This is the kind of service that warrants a good tip and he got more than one. This kind of service is one of the reasons we keep returning.

The food was good for the most part. There was always a huge selection in the buffet but one night it was all cold except for what was being grilled. The beach restaurant didn=t have the good chicken wings or soup this year but they had a selection of sandwiches, salad fixings, fries, dogs, burgers, chicken, ribs and meat balls each day. The al-a-carte restaurants were all good and the service great. There were a few subtle changes in the menu selection at the Tex-Mex and Italian restaurants but they were improvements. Around 4 in the afternoon across from the lobby bar they bring out finger sandwiches and cookies to snack on with tea or coffee. They supply these for a couple of hours and they just hit the spot after an afternoon of shopping in town.

The pool was good and there were no problems getting a lounger or service at the two bars. The lazy river was full of people floating around enjoying the sun.

The beach seemed shorter some how this year and there were little changes that I think were the result of mother nature not human hands. They did add some of the huts to the upper level of the beach which was a good idea because not everyone can manage the stairs to the lower level. There were always lots of loungers to be found and the huts were plentiful, however, if you are a person that likes to stay in bed until 10 or 11 your chances of getting a hut are slim as most people are up and about by 9, but you will find a chair.

The nightly shows were pretty good. The Mystery and Playback nights were my favourites. We didn=t spend much time by the pool but there always seemed to be something going on.

We availed of the free shuttle into the towns and had a good time. Spent a couple of afternoons with Mark and Colleen at the Checkpoint Bar in Sousa, a burger there is a must.

All in all this was a great trip. We were not disappointed in the least even though we did notice subtle changes in some areas. They no longer have staff going around with open bottles of wine refilling your glass in the buffet restaurant, they bring you a single glass of wine and will get you another if you so choose. In the al-a-carte restaurants they still go around with the bottles filling glasses as they go. I prefer the asking for a glass method because they you know how many you have had as opposed to a constantly full glass that you have no idea how much you have consumed. We noticed that they don=t have as many of the top shelf liquors they did last year, Canadian Club and Bailey=s were not available and neither was champagne in the lobby bar. We would definitely return to this resort again as we feel like we are going home. One of our group has stated they would like try another place so we will have to see when we are making plans later in the year.


SuperClubs Breezes Puerto Plata Bob & Linda 2005

Just returned from two glorious weeks at the Breezes Puerto Plata (April1 -16). We were there for 15 nights and had a blast.

We took a cab from the airport and it was well worth it. Check in was quick and easy and very relaxed because there were only the 5 of us. We had emailed ahead of time with our room request and it was honoured. We were on the second floor of building 11 and all three rooms were together and we could chat over the balcony.

The rooms were all clean and ready when we arrived. I had taken candles with me but they were not necessary because the room was fine. The air conditioning wasn't working so we reported it to the front desk and it was repaired two days later and worked fine the rest of the time. I had given the maid a note asking for 4 towels each day and we received them the whole time we were there. We didn't have pop in our fridge for the first few days but always had plenty of water. Sometimes the coffee basket items were not replenished but we just took what we needed from the buffet restaurant. We always had hot water for our showers no matter when we took them which was usually between 6:30 - 7:30pm. Sometimes the water pressure was a little low but nothing that would cause a problem

The food was great for the most part. We ate breakfast at the buffet and they always had tons of things to choose from including bacon every day. The omelets were good and the bread was to die for. There was always a wide selection of fruit, yogurts, pastries and cereals. This year they even had peanut butter. We only did the buffet for lunch twice and it was good. We mostly ate lunch at the beach restaurant and the food was fabulous. They had soup, sandwiches, salad fixings, fruit and pastries to go with the burgers, dogs, fries, chicken and fish. We did all of the al-carte-restaurants and they were excellent with the French being my favourite. The supper buffet for us was kind of hit and miss and some nights is was feast or famine but they always had chicken, cold cuts, pasta, breads and salads so there was no reason to go hungry. If you didn't fill up on supper you could go to the beach bar and snack the night away.

The staff were fantastic. They tried to accommodate every request we made and the reception people were always pleasant and professional. The wait and bar staff were very friendly and quite accurate in the delivery of items you ordered, in spite of my butchering their language. We had a great time getting to know the people we dealt with the most and tried to sit in the same place so we would get the same people. The service in the dinner buffet was better inside than out on the patio because they seemed very disorganized and under staffed. The animation team were really good and kept things moving along even on the one day we had rain.

The pool was great but we didn't spend much time there as we are beach people. We did spend time in the afternoon in the Jacuzzi tubs and went down the waterslide a couple of times. There were always enough loungers to go around even when it was really busy. The pool bar had the funniest bartender and we went there once a day just for him.

The beach was great although we could see some of the damage of the storms last year. It now has a multi level quality to it that it didn't have last year. Again, there were always plenty of loungers to be found and lots of shady places if the umbrellas were all occupied. We went for many long walks from end to end and it was beautiful.

We found that the service was impeccable most of the time. They have now set up a smaller side bar in the lobby during the evenings and this was a great idea because it takes away some of the congestion we found at the main bar last year. We also found it wasn't hard for a woman to be served at the main bar, this was a real problem last year no matter how much you tipped. As I mentioned, the service on the patio during the supper hour was very poor. You could have your whole meal eaten before you received your water. We tried sitting at the table first and asking for water and wine before going to pick up our food but it wasn't any quicker. The morning buffet though was a different story. You didn't sit for very long waiting for coffee or to have the table cleared. Ramone buzzes around the place with his two jugs in hand, whistling and singing which enhances the whole breakfast experience. The reservation system for the al-a-cartes isn't ideal but is a real improvement over last year when you had to stand in line for an hour only to be turned away. We managed to eat in all four restaurants twice and the staff were good in all of them.

Didn't step foot in it this year but it always seemed to rocking so some one was enjoying it.

Our only experience with this is when we joined a bride's congo line and it went through the casino. We did hear horror stories from guests that had lost money there playing the Keno game. One night when we were in the lobby bar a lady went from table to table crying and telling everyone how she had lost $5000US playing the Keno game. There was also a very distraught young couple who had lost a substantial amount playing the same game. We had match and play coupons with our package but we decided not to use them because they make you pay up front before you can use the coupon.

The resort has a games arcade, pool tables and trampoline, circus trapeze, skating rink and all kinds of pool games. They have boogie boards and such but we didn't use them. They have tennis courts, a nine hole golf course and a basketball court. The shows were really quite good and they had a house band that played during the supper hour and after the show. They were a really good band but sometimes the speakers were turned up too loud so we went to the beach bar.

We were a group of 5 and we were there for two weeks and not one of us got sick. We had a couple of hangovers but that was it. We talked to loads of people that had been there for a while before us and during our time there and only met one person who had been ill. The pool, beach and restaurants were all full all of the time so if there were any sick people they were well hidden.

We availed of the shuttle and went to both Cabarate and Sousa. We had a great time there and stopped for drinks in the bars. The prices at the Liquidation Centre were the best that we found for most of the items. Had great fun bartering with the vendors down in Sousa and bought our coffee and booze in the Supermarket there. The Super Super Liquor Store had been suggested but Mark at the Checkpoint told us that for the three block walk in the afternoon sun we wouldn't save enough to make it worth our while.

All in all it was a fantastic trip that surpassed our expectations after being there last year. I would definitely go back there again and most likely will next spring. I think if you can't find anything to eat here there is something very picky about your eating habits. If you get bored, it is your own fault because there is so much to do and the towns are so close by you don't have to stay on the resort the whole time. The weather was great, only one day of rain and one day that was almost too hot if that is a complaint.