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National Parque Central Havana Femaleowl64 Sheffield England

We flew from the Uk to Varadero in Cuba, We were then collected in a mini bus with 2 other couples for the 2 hour transfer to Havana. The tranfer was extremely comfortable.

We stopped off on the way at a vantage point so you get your first view of Cuba. Had my first Cubralibra.

We arrived at the NH Parque Central at about 5pm Check in was extremely efficient and we were in our room within 10 minutes of walking through the door.

First night we were tired and decided to dine at one of the 2 restaurants in the hotel. We had the most excellent meal and were treated like kings. Cannot remember the name of the restaurant but it is the one that is not used for the buffet breakfast. The hubby ordered a beer and they brought it to the table in a champagne bucket. Both had a three course meal and drinks and the bill was $60 (peso) They also brought out a complimentary starter so we ended up with a 4 course meal. The meal and setting was outstanding.

The buffet breakfast is something special, They serve Bucks fizz and also have a massive cheese selection. The staff were good at clearing tables and also serving coffee.

Lobby bar was good but I feel that the service was a little slow. Pool on the roof and snack bar are really excellent. The service here is wonderful.

I've left the best till last. The rooms were something to die for. The bed was at least 6ft wide and the room was very well presented. The bathroom is also huge with a doulbe shower cubicle and a bath in there.

There is a mini bar in the room with every item at $3 peso but we found that if you cross the road there is a shop that is filled with soft drinks beer and water for a fraction of the price.

We went on a 1/2 day trip around Havana to get our bearings and then we went to see the sights we wanted.

My do list is a visit to the cigar factory behind the capitol building $20 peso

Internal Visit to the Capitol building (stunning) about $8 peso

Visit the rum factory we did this on the 1/2 tour.

We went to the Hotel Nationale for a meal and show. Show was very good but the meal was extremely disappointing at $30 Peso.

We did venture and went to China town (hehe) The Cuban China town is fronted houses in a built up area. The restaurant we chose was Chan Li Po

We were taken there by taxi at a cost of $2 peso. The restaurant is full of Cuban people that to me says that the food is good. The menu is in Spanish, (Iím very ignorant and really need to learn to at least the basics) we ordered with the help of a lovely waitress who spoke excellent English. Spring rolls, 2 special soups filled with seafood and meats, Hubby had special chop suey and I had Lobster thermidor. We had about 6 drinks each and the bill came to $24 peso which in the UK equates to about £15.

Go Go Go to this restaurant as the food services and friendliness of the staff is second to none.

We had the best time in Havana great City, great people what else can I say.